The real dangers of Near Earth Asteroids, and what NASA is doing to identify and stop them.


Inspired by the early Disney PSA’s for their warm and optimistic tone when addressing grim facts and scenarios, we incorporated hand-drawn textures and animation into the 3D graphics, and settled on a red, green, and blue color palette. To work towards the look, we approached the pitch a bit differently than normal.

Instead of creating styleframes off the bat, we made four posters to represent each of the pillars of harmful asteroid detection. This helped us focus on what would later become the key scenes of the PSA, and find compositions and color combinations that would carry the authoritative and hopeful tone.


Most of the textures used for the planets, skies, stars, and astronauts were hand-drawn in photoshop, along with the cell animation of the dinosaur and explosion. 3D camera animation and modelling were done in Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane. The ISS model was provided by NASA. The smoke simulation for the rocket liftoff was created in Houdini by Irnes Cavcik, and all compositing, motion graphics, and

title design were done in After Effects, making heavy use of Tiffen’s pro-mist filter. DaVinci Resolve was used for color correction which was relatively minimal. We tweaked a Fuji LUT for the base grade, and added grain using FilmConvert and flicker from Cinegrain.


The film was promoted on NASA’s homepage, as well as their social media accounts. It’s so fortunate when your daily job engages both the skills and the heart—working with such brilliant team of scientists was a childhood dream come true!

Jerred North
Tsvetelina Zdraveva

Voice Over
J.L. Galache

Cristian Sandquist

Tsvetelina Zdraveva

Houdini Artist
Irnes Cavkic

3D Animation
Jerred North

2D Animation
Tsvetelina Zdraveva

Jerred North
Tsvetelina Zdraveva

Sound Mix
The Bridge Sounds & Stage