Visual metaphor and typography tell the rise-and-fall story of virtual reality technology in this title sequence for the web-series, VR – Letters from the Virtual Reality Frontier.



We thought the story of VR technology, which went dormant in the 90’s and then reemerged a few years ago from a pile of cell phone parts to renewed interest, made not just for a good story, but a dynamic visual concept as well. The man falling in reverse from reassembling

broken glass, embodies the Phoenix-like revival of VR, while the group of curious kids looking on, speak to the developer community seeing a creative opportunity in its renewed potential.


In downtime between other work, we spent three months in pre-production; storyboarding, testing typography, and experimenting with fracture patterns in various types of glass. During the single day of production in studio, we roped in a group of kids, who we fitted with green paper glasses to ease the keying work,

and hung our Producer from the rafters on a harness next to a fan for the falling man element. The graphics were created in After Effects with 3rd party plugins (Plexus, Trapcode Form, Optical Flares, and Element 3D) and Cinema 4D for a small bit of modeling.


The title sequence premiered at SXSW 2015– Excellence in Title Design, in competition with Godzilla, Captain America: The Winter’s Soldier, and Halt and Catch Fire. Everyone involved feels grateful to have been able to follow this labor of love along its wild and crazy ride.

Jerred North

Tanner Notch
Neil Karstetter

Jerred North

Assistant Camera
Gordon Casey

Jerred North
Tsvetelina Zdraveva

Jerred North

Tsvetelina Zdraveva

Marley Carrol