Afterman is the Los-Angeles-based animation directing team of Tsvetelina Zdraveva and Jerred North.

Together we’ve created films, commercials, and music videos in a range of styles, both stylized and realistic, mixing elements of both 3d and 2d animation.

When we first met, Tsvet had recently graduated from Rice with a professional Architecture degree and was working at a small architecture studio in New York. Jerred was working as a cinematographer for reality television, documentary, and independent film.

In our spare time, we collaborated on animated projects and have since learned the craft while working both together and as individual freelancers—Tsvet as a storyboard artist and character modeler, and Jerred as an animator.

While we love to collaborate with other talented artists, we still love to keep our hands on the frames. No matter how large the project, we’ll often split much of the storyboarding, editing, layout, modeling, animation, and compositing work between the two of us.

We’ve created animation for companies like HBO, Showtime, LEGO, National Geographic, and NASA and have been featured in Director’s Notes, Stash Media, Animation World Network,  and Cartoon Brew.